Tuesday, 16 April 2013


After a hard weeks work, I often find myself coming home absolutely physically and mentally exhausted. It seems as if my one/two days off are spent repairing my body just to get ready for another week. Apart from the leg and foot aches, there are sore eyes and a drained brain. I'm sure many others experience other forms of fatigue and it takes time and rest to repair the body.

Every now and then I will have a Berocca to boost vitamins, or a fruit and vegetable packed juice to boost my bodies recovery, but they just don't seem to work quick enough. We hear about "superfoods" all the time, but who wants to buy kilograms of fruit or hundreds of different supplements.

"repair" is an all in one recovery drink that will deliver an instant and and all over body rejuvenation. Instead of simply masking the effects of fatigue as caffeine, taurine and guarana based drinks do, repair will properly replace the bodies deficiencies quickly and effectively.

The drink would be bottled and based on a n anti-inflammatory/anti-pain juice such as pommegranite with added liquids like olive leaf extract, echinacea and elderberry. To add to this, important vitamins and minerals would be added to satisfy and replace the bodies needs. The following would be included:

•Vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, C, E;
•Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Niacin;
•Chia seed, Flax seed;

The drink would be priced to compete with energy and other health drinks, and would be distributed through many channels. At the end of every day, I would love to through down an ice cold drink that was packed with absolutely everything my body wanted!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

outkitchen hire

Refer to the below for a background on "outkitchen".

For food vendors who insist on absolute quality, or those vendors currently operating without a food permit, hiring a commercial grade kitchen to produce stock
poses as a very viable option.

In every food market you will find on average 80% of food stalls are actually existing without a legitimate food license as they produce their goods in their own home. This is in fact illegal, due to the safety and cleanliness issues.

For a very modest fee, these vendors would be able to use all the equipment they need, at any time of the day, for any period of time. This would give the vendors a superior cost saving as they do not have any set up costs, nor do they have the ongoing maintenance issues.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


In almost every industry, there are multiple levels between the very source of a product and the consumer. A product may pass through ten channels before it is even sold once. At every stage, someone is making money.

Up and down the coast of Australia; and surely the rest of the world, there are countless amounts of food establishments, most of them trading without a profit. This in part is due to high labor costs but also because business owners cannot effectively achieve both efficiency and economies of scale (http://m.smh.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-and-bars/restaurants-in-recession-sydney-kitchens-face-harsh-winter-20120702-21cyg.html).

outkitchen would service this struggling hospitality industry, by providing a service that prepares every part of a kitchens food supply, adhering to their strict recipes and quality standards. Through the bulk service to hundreds of restaurant/food outlets, outkitchen would be able to get stock very cheap, utilize labour efficiently and help minimize the floor space needed in restaurants.

The process of outkitchen is as follows:
•restaurant places order
•outkitchen receives order and is entered into the computer system
•qualified chefs start preparing the orders
•the fully prepared food is delivered to the restaurant and the invoice is then administered

By locating the commercial kitchen in an industrial area, you can utilize larger spaces with less cost. Restaurant and customers of outkitchen would see costs plummet and have flow on savings throughout their operation.

*part two (outkitchen hire) coming soon

Thursday, 14 March 2013


We all love search engines, and lets face it google plays a major part in everybody's life. Whether it is your home page or your access to the infinite world of information, it is now one if the dominating forces in the world. However, there is one frustrating thing about search engines, you have to spend the time to find information that is actually useful.

As life gets more complicated and busy, none of us have time to spend hours on end looking for that piece of information that is going to solve our current problem.

In university, countless hours are spent researching very specific topics, and when you find that piece of information you're looking for, it's time for celebration.

search:easy is not trying to compete with Google, nor is it just another "social network". search:easy is an active database search which is made from, and for its users.

The idea is simple. Users upload their research "strings" (their path of research and the best information they found) and relate it to a few certain keywords. The "strings" are then rated and their popularity determines their search ranking.

search:easy would make it even easier to find whatever it is we are looking for, saving a whole lot of wasted time. All the related links would stay within the search sites URL enabling search:easy to be basically the only website you would need.

Has this been done?
If not, what do you think?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Our parents, their parents and many before us, had the luxury of a one job lifetime. Each day would be the same, as would each year, and hell even each century. A job that took you from your teenage years through to retirement was not uncommon. And that was ok because life was simple and jobs weren't outsourced by both different countries and of course technology.

These days, the tables have turned. No longer do we have secure jobs at any stage of our life, it is simply up to the individual to make something for themselves. Whether their chosen field is IT or diesel mechanics, it all boils down to the same thing..... Work is just not the same anymore.

It's ok to continually look for jobs, but a job is a job, when your not needed the money will soon dry up. With this continual shift toward a contract based work society, there is a huge opportunity for what I like to call "shifta".

shifta would be the answer to the problems of finding short term work, it would eradicate the need for marketing and would make contracting easy. shifta would be an online contractors heaven.

With the web and application based platform you would be able to do the following:

-Find short term work
-Bid and secure contracts
-Establish an online reputation
-Manage bills and calendars
-Advertise effectively
-Hire any service based contractor
-Compare price & quality

There would be three major customer groups; firstly those looking for contracts, secondly those who advertise for tender submissions and the likes, and finally the general public who are looking for any service. The beauty with shifta is the fact that you can generate revenue from all three customer groups.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

food hall

In my part of the world, the majority of our shopping is done in malls and supermarkets. It is only on weekends that we have the opportunity of shopping in farmers markets and the likes. To get real fresh produce; and at the same time value for money, it seems you need to visit a plethora of different establishments including butchers, bakers, chemists, natural food stores etc.

This process is both time consuming and costly, as it is quality you are after. The massive chains we have don't offer us any value and suppliers are often struggling (especially farmers). As we have recently seen in many other industries, alot of the traditional levels between source and customer have disappeared. My question, why can't we do the same in the food industry?

The answer is we can. All we need is creative and bold individuals willing to step outside the box and create something unique for their community. I propose the "food hall".

The food hall would be a large air conditioned building, residing in the industrial areas of the community. The space would be divided into small allotments and leased to fresh food providers (those who make and/or grow the products they sell). Not only would this give a very low lease amount, it would also lead to low prices for consumers and higher profits for producers.

Imagine if you could drive 10 minutes down the road and find the best of the regions produce, all day, everyday. And best of all, it would cost you less than the supermarket and other mall outlets.

We as consumers need to band together to get a better deal on all fronts, do you think it's possible?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


One of the many unfortunate circumstances of entering old age is the reliance on a breathing aid machine. Not only are they large and restricting, but they are also in desperate need of an innovation.

In replace of the outdated breathing and oxygen supply machine, I propose the oxygenator.

The oxygenator combines style and design to give users the best experience possible, without being rendered immobile. The design incorporates a series of tubes to supply airflow, special attachments which allow the device to be seamlessly attached to the users body and a small oxygen level filter and pump. The device would be powered by rechargeable batteries.

What do you think?