Tuesday, 5 March 2013

food hall

In my part of the world, the majority of our shopping is done in malls and supermarkets. It is only on weekends that we have the opportunity of shopping in farmers markets and the likes. To get real fresh produce; and at the same time value for money, it seems you need to visit a plethora of different establishments including butchers, bakers, chemists, natural food stores etc.

This process is both time consuming and costly, as it is quality you are after. The massive chains we have don't offer us any value and suppliers are often struggling (especially farmers). As we have recently seen in many other industries, alot of the traditional levels between source and customer have disappeared. My question, why can't we do the same in the food industry?

The answer is we can. All we need is creative and bold individuals willing to step outside the box and create something unique for their community. I propose the "food hall".

The food hall would be a large air conditioned building, residing in the industrial areas of the community. The space would be divided into small allotments and leased to fresh food providers (those who make and/or grow the products they sell). Not only would this give a very low lease amount, it would also lead to low prices for consumers and higher profits for producers.

Imagine if you could drive 10 minutes down the road and find the best of the regions produce, all day, everyday. And best of all, it would cost you less than the supermarket and other mall outlets.

We as consumers need to band together to get a better deal on all fronts, do you think it's possible?