Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Our parents, their parents and many before us, had the luxury of a one job lifetime. Each day would be the same, as would each year, and hell even each century. A job that took you from your teenage years through to retirement was not uncommon. And that was ok because life was simple and jobs weren't outsourced by both different countries and of course technology.

These days, the tables have turned. No longer do we have secure jobs at any stage of our life, it is simply up to the individual to make something for themselves. Whether their chosen field is IT or diesel mechanics, it all boils down to the same thing..... Work is just not the same anymore.

It's ok to continually look for jobs, but a job is a job, when your not needed the money will soon dry up. With this continual shift toward a contract based work society, there is a huge opportunity for what I like to call "shifta".

shifta would be the answer to the problems of finding short term work, it would eradicate the need for marketing and would make contracting easy. shifta would be an online contractors heaven.

With the web and application based platform you would be able to do the following:

-Find short term work
-Bid and secure contracts
-Establish an online reputation
-Manage bills and calendars
-Advertise effectively
-Hire any service based contractor
-Compare price & quality

There would be three major customer groups; firstly those looking for contracts, secondly those who advertise for tender submissions and the likes, and finally the general public who are looking for any service. The beauty with shifta is the fact that you can generate revenue from all three customer groups.

What do you think?